Archive: Jul 2010

Ok universe, stop screaming

I get it universe. I am not to be an academic.

Back in late April/early May, I contacted the English Department about the possibility of picking up a comp section or two and was alerted to an instructor position that was open to help launch a professional writing certificate program online. The position sounded great and was full time. I’d get to use my degree, but while I met the minimum qualifications, the preferred qualified were an ABD. Since I had been encouraged, I applied anyway.

When the first two weeks passed and I had not been called, I knew they didn’t want me and probably had someone in mind or at least weren’t stopping short of that ABD. Then a month passed, then I checked and the job had been filled.

Most of all I was hurt that I didn’t even get an interview. I got my minimum qualifications from that department. If I was supposedly one of the star students as I was touted to be, then you’d think the degree they taught would be enough to at least get you an interview, but I guess not. I swear once you move from that building, you become invisible.

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