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On holiday restraint

christmas card 2007

Our card for Christmas 2007.

Before I start my holiday shopping, I make a list. I decide who I am buying presents for. Then, next to their name, I put the max dollar amount I am willing to spend. Next I jot down some gift ideas within that range. Then I ask the person if they have any particular wants. Finally I with my budget, my ideas, and their ideas, I start shopping.
Basically I’m a mutant.

The only things I overindulge on during the holidays are ham and stuffing.
Oh, and ridiculous Christmas cards.

I’m thinking more about this year’s card than anything else right now. I’m not sure what the theme is going to be, but somehow it needs to incorporate the chickens, the rabbits, the dogs, and us. I have some ideas, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Holiday surprises are fun. I’m definitely no Scrooge. Retail is a passion that sends my heart aflutter. I love seeing what styles, gadgets, trends will dominate the holiday season.

Without question, I’ll definitely be joining the millions out on Black Friday. We won’t head out too early, though we’re sure to catch the sales that end around noon.

Personally, I’ll be hunting for boots and sweaters for our upcoming trip to NYC, where I suspect it will be colder there than it is in Mississippi. I won’t spend too much because I know I want to shop there. It’s definitely at the top of my shopping bucket list. Funds are limited, so I have to keep in mind presents for others, presents for myself, and those troublesome bills.

Luckily, having this trip in mind all year has been like a shopping chastity belt. I’ve been deleting unopened emails from retailers announcing great online sales. I even turned down membership to sample sales sites. I haven’t been to Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, or Memphis in months all in anticipation for this trip. I keep joking that I’m going to bring an empty suitcase to fill while I’m there. I’m pretty sure I’m joking.

Hopefully, the bit of side shopping (one store, one bag – not overflowing) I did during a work trip to Los Angeles will keep me grounded on Black Friday and in NYC.

I’m not worried. Everything’s planned. Now just to focus on that card.

christmas 2007


Thanks to my friend Adam,, for helping me take these photos from concept to reality. 

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