Climbing Rocks at Tishomingo State Park

These last few are not from the same trail as before, but you pass it on the way out there. It’s a short trail, less than a mile and had some neat outcroppings we were too tired to explore.

It was a fabulous trip. Despite the heat, the trail is well shaded by tree tops and there are plenty of places to stop and rest including some natural springs and spots along the river. We encountered some people hiking in their swimsuits before ending up at their favorite river spot to swim. I imagine hiking in July and August, a dip in the river is almost mandatory.

We also spied some canoes heading down river, which looked fun, but be aware it’s in a dry county so no cold ones to cool down. Canoeing and then hiking the Outcropping Trail would make a fabulous day. The only improvement I could imagine would be some real trail markers instead of red paint on brown trees though there is something to be said for the adventure of not knowing exactly where you’re supposed to be.




  1. Katie

    WOW! These pictures are just beautiful! It looks like an amazing day, just seeing it through your lens was awesome. You have such talent.

  2. Alicia

    I think you can take dogs hiking, but you can’t bring them in the rental cabins. I don’t know if you can bring them primitive camping.

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