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Where’s the cheese?

Box macaroni and cheese is not a common site in our household, but when we were having D’s professor and his family over for dinner, we decided to try Annie’s Homegrown Macaroni & Cheese with 25% less sodium to please three little palates.

Like all box mixes, it was easy and fast to make.  It looked like all powdered mac and cheese I’ve ever seen, and the kids gladly added it to their plates.

However, after the first couple of bites, one child looked up at his parents and said, “There’s no cheese.”

When I tried it myself, I could see he was right. It was flavorless.

The kids moved on to other items on their plates and we were left with a bunch as leftovers as I had made two boxes expecting it to be gobbled. When we ate the rest for leftovers, I ended up adding shredded cheese on the top.

A complete disappointment. We thought maybe the reduced sodium was just a step too much and perhaps the regular is better. We haven’t bought either again to find out.

Hello Ennis

My favorite image of Ennis from the sonogram.


When he revealed his sex on the ultrasound, I looked and said, “Hello, Ennis.”

Shortly after I texted family and friends to let them know that the sonogram showed we were having a boy and his name would be Ennis, I received a call from my brother.

Enis?” he questioned.
“En-nis,” I responded. “It rhymes with tennis.”
“What kind of name is that?”

Luckily I guess, I wasn’t raised in a family where feelings were necessarily treasured. I’m pretty sure I was raised with the belief that it is the family’s job to thicken the skin because the world is a cruel place. As an adult, I’ve definitely learned that there’s too much truth to that idea.

The choice of Ennis has been pretty divisive. Lots of “OMG I love it!” Many people have immediately responded, “Like Ennis Cosby?!” Which I love because when D brought home a list of names last year and I read Ennis, my first thought was, “Wow, like Ennis Cosby.” Well if it’s good enough for the Cos, it’s good enough for us. Continue Reading »


How not to do social networking

Memorial Day weekend I had a friend who has food allergies come to visit.

I took him to an establishment in town known for frozen yogurt. At other places we have been they post the allergens of the yogurts under the flavor names, but my friend has been to some places he had to ask to see the list. Since the allergies weren’t posted, we went to the desk and asked. The employees looked as if we had spoken Greek. We explained that he had an allergy and most places had a list of information and they said we don’t have anything like that here.

We were terribly disappointed. That afternoon I wrote on the business’ facebook wall about our experience and implored them to get their allergy information available. Shortly after posting my comment, I noticed it had disappeared. They never responded to me. Just deleted it.

After visiting a superior yogurt shop this weekend, I tweeted: Loved my stop at Tlousa @yogurtmountain. The best. @localstore needs to take a few pointers and post their allergens!

@localstore replied: @liciabobesha we have a book of nutritional info for each flavor right when you walk thru the door :)

So I let them know that I had asked for this information and had been told it didn’t exist. Instead of apologizing or trying to find out which of their employees was uninformed or when this incident happened they simply said:

@liciabobesha it is always there for sure.

After this exchange of tweets I somehow feel even worse about this business than I did after they deleted my fb post. I expect businesses to acknowledge when they’ve done something unsatisfactory, apologize, and thank me for the feedback. After the Memorial weekend incidents, I drastically cut my visits. After this twitter interaction, I’m going to have to be craving some froyo something serious to go back there.

What’s sad is I really do love froyo. I’ve had many kinds from Pinkberry in LA to random places in NYC and across the east coast. Yogurt Mountain and Pinkberry tie for first place in quality. They have the creamiest texture and most consistent flavors that don’t disappoint. Out of those two, Yogurt Mountain wins as my favorite because it keeps more flavors available at a time and it’s pay by the ounce so I can get my pregnant indulgence on. Plus, the staff has always been friendly, happy, and answered any questions I had. I just wish the closest one wasn’t over an hour away.


We had our sonogram today

In true nerd fashion, I’ve prepared an infographic of the pregnancy so far including the sex reveal.

Baby makes 15.


I’m collecting all sorts of data that I hope to put into a full pregnancy infographic complete with a map of places we’ve visited. Now it’s time to eat the wonderful dinner of veal, cauliflower, and collards that Ennis’ daddy has prepared for us.


Don’t wanna be Tom Cruise crazy

Today was a big day: the first person who I had not told I am pregnant, asked me if I were expecting.To ask that question, women have to be absolutely certain, so it’s official. The belly is happening:

That's 18w6d.

I’ve seen the belly for weeks. Since about week 3 actually, though I admit it looked more like a (low and pointy) food baby than a real baby belly.

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