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Chicago Skylines

You can’t go to Chicago and not appreciate the architecture.

Every time you looked out a window or across a park or down the street, there was this great skyline.

We enjoyed it by boat, by foot, by car, and even from inside the Sears (Willis) Tower where they have this crazy observation deck that allows you to step out onto glass and look down at the city.

Though I waited in line for this, when I got up to the glass, I could not step on it. That’s ok, everyone else did and D got video:

Here are some of my favorite shots of the city:

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On running and traveling

When I told people we were about to go to Chicago to run and visit, many people asked me “Why?”  “Why would you want to run? You’re on vacation; don’t you just want to have fun?”

Does this not look like fun:

A billion miles up in the Sears tower. Ok maybe not a billion.

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The best part of traveling to run is eating whatever you want

The thing I without a doubt look forward to the most when I travel is eating.

No, this isn’t a side effect of my being pregnant.

My interest in culinary variety has grown each year I have lived in a rural town where the main fare is chicken fingerz.

While not too many years ago I considered adding mushrooms and sunflower seeds on my salad at Ruby Tuesdays adventurous, I’ve in recent years have grown to appreciate what is not readily available.

Any type of international or specialty cuisine is well worth gassing up the car and crossing state lines.

I must say the food of Chicago did not disappoint.

By far the best meal we had was in Greek Town at Greek Islands:

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Windy City Adventures

Despite many proclamations from my father that I shouldn’t go to Chicago because I was pregnant, we went to Chicago and loved it!

I’m not exactly sure when and how all this started, but at some point last year I along Daniel and my two good friends Sheena and Joy formed a running and traveling club.

Sheena, my most athletic friend and a former college basketball player, helped me start running very slowly and very short distances in late 2008. While slumbering partying with Joy during an early 2009 visit to see her in DC, she confessed she had been thinking about running (at that point she was walking), and I encouraged her to do so. Then in late 2009, Daniel too decided to run. We finally all ran together this year at the Rock n’ Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon in New Orleans. Thus the running and traveling group was born.

It was decided that we should aim for two races a year and meet for mini-vacays across the country. Our second race of this year was the Monster Dash in Chicago. The races were as different as the cities, but we managed to have ridiculous amounts of fun at both events. Here is some photo evidence of what we did in Chicago:

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and left Sunday morning. In between, we visited the Art Institute of Chicago, walked through the free and fun Lincoln Park Zoo, enjoyed an Architectural Cruise, caught a city sponsored Halloween Circus performance, rode to the top of the Sears (now Willis) Tower, ran in costume at the Monster Dash, visited the Adler Planetarium, and caught a late show of live comedy at Second City. In between all of that we ate Greek, Filipino, Cuban, and more. Most of the time I had my camera handy, so thus begins the Chicago posts.

We’re still kicking

Busy doesn’t describe the last several weeks, but with impending parenthood I better get used to it.

One thing I have gotten used to is being a walking, talking punching bag.

After many attempts, I finally have video evidence!



Yep, my bubble belly and our gestating son have made it to YouTube via our new Flip camera we ordered off of Woot! for $40.

In the video, you can hear Ennis’ heartbeat as the midwife checks him during his last appointment.

Around 00:30, you can also see him tell the midwife to stop poking him.

Oh boy, oh boy. Can’t wait to meet him and his fancy feet.

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