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Torture seat adventures: Ennis turns one month old

Though some people would be appalled that we strapped our not quite one month old baby in a carseat for a normally 4.5 hour drive, I was looking forward to heading to the Coast so Ennis could meet more of his family, especially his 89-year-old great grandmother.

The one thing I didn’t anticipate before this trip was the carseat. We have one, actually thanks to Facebook, we have two.

When you’ve been cuddling for 4 weeks, a carseat can feel more like a torture device than a safety measure. Poor Ennis couldn’t understand why he couldn’t be held and we got to hear the most crying we’ve heard yet. Luckily he slept most of the trip, and we did break it up with stops to get out of the seat, cuddle, and nurse.

I’m pretty sure with the mandated torture seat Ennis has removed his votes for us to be parents of the year. And to think, I had already cleared a spot on the mantle for the trophies.

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On this lovely day

One of my least favorite things about where we live is it’s too far away from family.

Besides my very close and longtime friend Sheena, we have no family around which makes Starkville that much more stark for me.

Little things like having a baby make me realize how much I miss having family closer. Ennis is over three weeks old now and hasn’t met my brother or sister or his great-grandma. Luckily we have an upcoming trip that will allow him to meet some more people, but who knows when we’ll be able to make it to North Carolina where almost all of my family lives.

It’s not that we have been in serious need of more help, but it was sure nice when my mom came to visit for about 10 days and helped with the cooking and cleaning. Now we’re in survival mode with D back in the lab and me at home trying to do not too much but not too little.

Between feeding him and myself and attempting to catch up on sleep so I can get up with the baby so D has some rest to make it through the work day, there’s not a whole lot else that gets done.  It took me about a week longer to get the birth announcements done and in the mail than I expected.

So it goes.

That being said, Ennis has enjoyed two family visits and of course I had the camera handy!

Ennis and Kimberly, who has not decided what she wants to be called yet. I think I might encourage me-maw Kim.

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Week 4 begins

Three brief reflections on my recent entry into motherhood:

– Babywearing makes everything easier.

– Going to bed whenever the last feeding after 8 pm happens makes everything better.

– People who bring you food have a special reward in the afterlife.

A look back on mostly weeks 1 and 2:

Last pregnancy progress photos taken. It's still hard to believe he was curled up in there.

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