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When did pack-n-plays happen?

I remember a foldable playpen that had its own carry bag from when my niece who I kept two summers in the mid 90s.  Now there’s hardly a family with a baby that doesn’t have a pack-n-play.

We keep ours in the living room because ideally that’s where Ennis would nap and have some solo play.

Honestly, at this point, he hasn’t spent that much time in it.

He’s more in his rocker, swing, and of course our arms.

As he gets older, and ever so slightly more independent, we put him down more and more as evidenced by these photos:

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The last week

This time next week I will have survived two days back at work.

I will have cleaned the dust off my mouse and monitor.

I will have read hours of emails.

I will have eaten meals at my desk.

I will have chatted in the hall while holding my cup of tea.

And when asked, I won’t lie and say I was ready to come back.

I am glad I took 12 weeks.

I am glad to have a job where I can earn leave that rolls over.

I am grateful for a job that sustains my family as my husband finishes his Ph.D., but I must say, being the breadwinner has never hit me this hard.

For grandparents

I am not so naive to think that the world wants to watch hours of my infant drooling on youtube, but there are some people (mostly family, especially grandparents) who will quite enjoy seeing a few minutes of Ennis cooing, playing, and being in motion.

For those people, I have finally gotten around to uploading some videos of which I will post far too many here. I’m also uploading some from when he was much smaller, two and three days old, and will continue to upload to this account, so check there if watching my baby be a baby is your kind of thing.

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O.S. Herb and Plant Festival 2012

A few weeks ago, we went to the coast for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. While there, I saw a story in the newspaper for an herb festival downtown. I couldn’t resist, so we headed out.

We pulled up to use the ATM only to find someone thought it was a good parking spot. What was really amazing is there were actual parking spots available. After getting some cash and parking, we went to the festival.


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how to make an easy collage

If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken an obscene number of photos of your baby. With so many photos, all showing slightly different expressions or thoughts,  it can be hard to decide which one gets to be special and actually put in a frame.

This choice only becomes harder when ordering prints for family. While my brother would like the silly photo more, I know my mother would like the one where he smiles the best while his great grandmother may appreciate the more serious face. This is when I find collages to be useful.

Making a collage now is just too easy not to try. Most photo sites let you upload your photos and drag and drop into pre-made collage designs like this one:

11x14 collage poster that everyone loved well except my dad who said I needed to Photoshop out those "convict pants."


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