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mommy and me

Had lunch with one of my old profs this weekend who was quite surprised when D and I arrived with Ennis.

I guess no one’s gossiping about me in Lee Hall because he had no clue I had been pregnant or had had a baby. Surprise procreation!

In addition to keeping in better touch, I figure I should post more photos of me with the babe. It’s hard when your the family photographer though.

My friend Andy thankfully picked up my camera and took these shots on Staff Appreciation Day.

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Always remember, chickens can fly when they want to

Will chickens destroy your garden?

If they can get to it, almost certainly.

You know how chickens slow the growth of grass and eliminate weeds?

You know how they rid of your backyard of many pests suck as ticks?

You know how they take those hilarious dust baths?

All those behaviors will lead to garden decimation; however, this doesn’t mean you can’t have both chickens and a garden.

I’ve found keeping items fenced away is the only thing that works for us. Unfortunately after having a year to work at it, my chickens defeated one of my fences from last year.

I repaired it, planted my garden, and came out to find 3 chickens scratching it to pieces. So I repaired it, replanted my garden, and never caught another chicken in there but saw the ruined plants and a tale-tell mound of chicken poo as a calling card.

What finally worked was raising the height to consistently over 6 feet and adding logs around the bottom to be sure they weren’t squeezing under. So save yourself some time and make your fence tall and eliminate any gaps or loose fencing at the bottom. If you can, make it so they can’t even scratch around the bottom.

If and when they foil your plans, remember all the good things about chickens and trade their eggs for the veggies they won’t let you grow.

Garden progress photos from April and early May

I planted herb seeds in these pots that are on some spools outside. The chickens have not been curious enough to jump up and destroy the pots yet. I'm still waiting.


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