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my bathing beau

I didn’t think I’d need a baby bath when I was pregnant. I just figured I’d get in the tub with my baby. Seemed safer, and easier on my back than squatting, and didn’t count on my kitchen sink being clean and clear. In case you’re wondering if you really need a baby bathtub, just know not using one has really worked out for us:

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I should learn to close the door

If we prized privacy in this house, I’d miss these awesome moments.

Creeper baby is watching.

Always watching.

Before I just worked in an office

Back when I was a recent graduate and a writer (and still shot film).

When people who knew me back when I wrote¬† introduce me, they often say, “This is Alicia. She is a writer.”

I cringe. Mostly because I don’t think of myself as a writer anymore.

Don’t you have to write in the present tense to be a writer now?

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Ennis’ 5 month photos: pastel blanket

The first baby is the practice baby.

One thing I wish I had better planned for was his monthly birthday photos.

I think I’ve finally figured out something that works for us but at the cost of trial and error and being so disappointed in results that I skipped a month.

I ordered some stickers and got outside and I can live with these results.

Also, look, my baby is sitting up:

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