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the rules of the flat face

Just in case it wasn’t clear, Ennis was not ok with Kathy taking away the non-baby toy item he was playing with.

Despite his being a baby and wanting to play with things, he does not believe he should be limited to boring, safe, non-edible baby toys.

When we have erred, he lets us know with the look we call the flat face. When the face gets flat, we know we’ve failed as parents.  Just give him the remote, receipt, key chain, paper product, dog toy, leaf, grass, food he wants. He has pulled out the flat face.  Choking hazards buzz off. Ennis wants what Ennis wants and we are to give.

Houses have stories

Ennis and D playing in D's childhood home.

From ages 4-13, I lived in a townhouse that hundreds of kids lived in before and after me. Home was West Falcon Park, Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi. We didn’t own it, but while we were there, it was ours. It still feels the most like home of any place I’ve ever lived.

Some nights in my dreams, I arrive the day before the bulldozers, and I’m able to walk through it one last time.

When we visit D’s family, I’m always struck by their history. Mississippians on both sides.  Birthday cakes baked at grandparents’ with cousins, aunts, uncles getting their slices too.

D’s dad still lives in the same house where D was raised. The walls are adorned with photos of D through the years giving the same sly smile that flashes across Ennis’ face.

Ennis will never climb the stairs to my old room or play under the same oaks as I did, but he has sat in the same spots D learned to sit up.

Like his dad, he is a born Mississippian. I couldn’t resist capturing them sharing the same setting nearly three decades a part.

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sweet time in sweet arms

Sometimes I wonder if every child was hugged when he needed a hug, if every child was a choice made in love, if every child had support both emotionally and financially, what amazing things could be happening in this world.

Creating a world of love is a big task. I’m glad loving Ennis isn’t left only to me.

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get rhythm

Lately I’ve been looking for ways to expose Ennis to more live music. While visiting his pawpaw, I asked him if he would play Ennis some percussion.

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7 month photos: part deux

I have stickers though 12 months. I wonder if I want to go 13-24 months. Lots of changes during that time.

Monthly photos beyond the first year seems indulgent, but if there’s one place I’m going to indulge it’s photos of my babies. I’ve invested in the equipment and the training.  Who knows where time and practice will take me.

Right now, monthly photos of Ennis to document his growth. In a year or two when D graduates, photography could turn into something more.

But for now, we have part two:

Time to break out the child locks!

Parenting just got real.

For weeks I’ve been calling D into the living room afraid he was about to miss Ennis’ first crawl.

Ennis would get close to being on his hands and knees but one leg would still be sideways and he’d sit back down and decide to booty scoot where he wanted to go.

At daycare, we’d the pull out his favorite toys and sit him away from us and call his name and crawl around ourselves and he’d think about it and then he’d start to pull on to all fours only to end up squirming and unhappy on his belly.

Then this morning I called Daniel in three times, and then Ennis did it. He crawled. And then he did it again and again and again.

My baby can crawl!



What I’d give to be that free and in tune with my body that I could fall out like this and feel secure.

Stroller adventures

We all know how much my family loves our Boba baby carrier, but we also are fond of our strollers.

We live in a town severely lacking in connected and maintained sidewalks so we generally drive to campus to use the strollers.

Campus has fun things like a couple of fountains to splash in.

And luckily Ennis has a daddy to hold him up so he can feel the cool bubbling water.

The stroller lets us all get our vitamin D though Ennis gets most of his through his feet!

The stroller is a great option on a hot day when Ennis can sit back and watch the world from a different point of view.

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