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Expecting a baby? Buy a carrier.

Looking for the best gift to give someone expecting a baby? Buy a carrier.

I’m not talking about the hulking plastic carseat carrier because car seats belong in cars.

No, I’m talking about a real quality comfortable fabric carrier that allows your baby to rest against your chest.

Because the truth is:  your arms are not made of steel and occasionally on a whim you might desire to turn a page of a novel or bring a fork to your mouth and when your arms ache or your stomach growls that will be when your baby will want to be held.  Babies, especially newborns, have a strong desire to be close to you despite your strong desires to eat or read something with more than 3 words on the page.

This is not a short-lived newborn desire. As they get older, babies will want to see what you see. They will want to go where you go. They will get lonely and bored and loud in the exersaucer, pack and play, floor gym, and bumbo seat. Swings and bouncy seats can only do so much because sometimes babies need to be held.

Whether they need help going to sleep or have reflux or sinus drainage and can’t be laid flat, babies will need to be held. It’s basic and routine as your need for food or to do laundry or buy groceries or let the chickens out and walk the dogs. During these times, a carrier will save your life.

When your baby has been passed around at a family gathering and she’s overstimulated and needs to retreat to something familiar and calm, a carrier will save your life.

When you want to go to a downtown art festival or meet friends for coffee, a carrier will save your life.

When you have to bring your baby to work, a carrier will save your life.

It will put your baby to sleep. It will give you your hands back. You will be able to shop, type, text, dance, walk, read, cuddle, kiss, sing to and hug. Carriers are not just for fun. They are a means of survival.

Be warned. Not all carriers are created equal. We currently own 4 carriers of different costs and qualities. Comfort, cost, practicality separate them. Buying a carrier is no time to be cheap. I’ve noticed tons of carriers come up for sale each week in my mom swap group. Often they say “worn once” yet I can easily see why they are getting rid of them. They are normally of the crotch dangling variety and have bad weight distribution resulting in pain in discomfort for both wearer and baby. Instead of saving lives, they gather dust. Avoid these and go for something you’ll actually use.

My personal recs:

Moby Wrap

I loved my Moby wrap for my little bitty baby, but all that fabric got hot, and we haven’t used it since the temperature got above 65. Despite its heater like quality, it was awesome for my winter-born newborn, kept people from touching him uninvited, and allowed discreet nursing in public. In cooler climates, you’ll get more use out of this. The tying does have a learning curve.


I love love love my Boba.  No learning curve. No tying. Just normal straps like on a backpack. It fits both my husband and me with many adjustable points that spread the weight across our hips, putting the baby near our center of gravity and wide straps that don’t cross keeping pressure off our backs allowing hours of comfortable wear. Finally the Boba supports the baby by his hips instead of his bits making it comfortable for  him too. The 3G style goes from 7-45lbs without a newborn insert!

Other options:

Boba doesn’t have the market cornered in this style. There’s Ergos and Becos that I know people have loved and used through multiple children and for years with each child making the ~$100 price tags more palatable.

Take a pass on the baby bathtub and some other short use items and get a carrier. If you can, test out the type of carrier you’re interested in buying, think about how it’d feel carrying 20+lbs. Think about comfort for you and baby. Find the carrier that fits your family. Your arms, back, stomach, job, pets, and friends will be grateful when you do.

So glad we found ours.

Couldn’t be easier.


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