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have pack, will run

The course had us running through some very lovely parks. The fall colors were amazing, such a nice distraction!

Somehow we finished the Indianapolis Marathon Relay.

I had set an ambitious goal to run my 5-mile leg at a 9:00 pace, a full minute faster than pre-pregnant me ran on a good day.

After a strong start at speed training, weather, work, illness, and sloth derailed at least half of my planned runs, yet my goal remained to run at a 9:00 pace.

Then it really began. A couple of weeks before the race, Sheena hurt her back, then Daniel’s research demanded 12-hour days, and oh, Sheena’s shingles flared up after a decade of dormancy. Off in DC, Joy was battling a cold. All the while I was barely getting in two runs a week, none close to a 9:00 pace.
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Just not my town

Sometimes we have to pull ourselves up! Ennis isn't the only one learning new things in our family.

While eating sausages, sauerkraut, and potluck lovelies at an Oktoberfest party, someone called me out on my lack of love for Sville. It’s true. I don’t want to be here. That’s clear to anyone who’s talked to me in person, visited my facebook, twitter, or this site in the past 5 years. I came here in 2001 as a freshman and thought it would be fine for a few years, and then I did my masters, and then I got engaged and a job all the while thinking oh just one more year.

As the years have passed and this has become the place I have lived the longest, my dislike has matured from the mall is too far away and these grocery store options are terrible to I can’t believe I wasted my twenties here and my god I’m not raising my kids here.

I complained so much about Starkville I made myself sick of it. Though I’m not Catholic, for Lent I gave up verbally loathing this place. I tried for 40 days not to say anything negative about Starkville. Suddenly I had very little to say. I found myself listening more, trying to remember how I used to talk to people. Mostly I became quiet except one particularly bad day where while in tears I expressed my readiness to move. From that day forward, I acquiesced that on really bad days, when something remarkably awful happened, I am allowed to complain, but I am not allowed to dwell because focusing on it all just makes me feel worse. After several weeks of living without constantly complaining, my mind finally became free to think about less depressing topics. I felt lighter and better than I had in years.

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and now for his next trick

At the time of these photos, he hadn’t quite figured it out. If he was on my leg or lap, he could pull up. But from the floor, he couldn’t quite get the motion going.

That’s the thing about babies. One minute they can’t do something and next you look up and seeing them standing by the A/C in your hotel room. Now he’s scouting out locations to show off this dandy trick.

All I can think is nothing will never be the safe again on the coffee table:

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A typical Saturday in the South

Kids change everything. For example, where in past years D and me would go over to Sheena’s to watch MSU football. Now, D, me, and Ennis go over to Sheena’s to watch MSU football.

Go Bulldogs!

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one sleepy baby

Before Ennis arrived, I wondered how we would know what he needed.

Everyone says you learn their cries, but for me it isn’t so much about learning which cry means what, but instead reading his body language.

When my baby is sleepy, it’s in his eyes. It’s been that way since he was born. I remember the first time he got very tired, a shocked D pointed out how quickly the bags formed under his sleepy eyes.

His eyes tell us when we need to pick him up and pat his back, when he needs to be walked around and gently lulled to sleep, or when he needs to go home away from a crowd. Once in our arms, he burrows against us, safe, comfortable, and ready to rest.

Getting sleepy

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reoccuring theme

Though he can’t talk yet, Ennis will ask to go for rides in his car.  Once he makes that slow crawl toward the wheels, you might as well pick him up and strap him in. If you make good beep beep noises at Mandy and Lillie, you might be rewarded with a giggle.

Go baby go!

mommas need friends too

Ennis and Archer meet.

When Kristen and I met years ago, I never would have thought we’d both be nursing our boys while waiting on our chicken strips to arrive. Yet Labor Day weekend, there we were.

No longer college students, we are mothers bonded by our baby boys.

We know we make magic.

We know how to keep it flowing.

If you look in our cars, sometimes you’ll catch up pumping it into bottles.

And not for vacation. And not for an evening out. For the 40 odd hours a week they are in daycare, more time than either of us wants to be away.

She is my sister in singing the working, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, momma blues.

Though it has some sorrowful verses, I find they’re easier to sing with a friend who knows the words.

Separated by too many miles, it took months to get together, but we had a good time when we did:

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dream baby

This time last year I dreamed of you. Now you’re here, and it feels like a dream.

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