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When my sister and her family arrived, Mandy was relieved to see her friend, my brother-in-law, made the journey as well.

deck the halls

While I still think Christmas trees are a lot of work especially when you count taking them down, I have to admit it’s a nice group activity that Ennis loved.

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Three six nine

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like my parents are the same people with Ennis that they were with me. Example, I swear I never heard them sing this song:

Three six nine
The goose drank wine.
The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line.
The line broke.
The monkey got choked.
And they all went to heaven in a little row boat.

I guess they were saving some surprises for the grandbabies.
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Missed it

Ennis and his cousin out to dinner during Christmas break.

Ennis has been close to walking for awhile now. At Christmas he actually took two like half steps. D said it was more of falling than walking.


He’ll walk on his knees. He still prefers to crawl though he’ll cruise from wall to chair to table to toy. He’s been doing so much more knee walking and cruising that I suspected walking would be soon.

I worried when Ennis and I flew to D.C. and he hadn’t started walking. All week I worried he’d take those first real steps without Daniel there. For the week, I actually offered my hand more than I usually do to try to make sure he didn’t take those first unassisted steps until he was back with his daddy. We returned Tuesday evening, still not walking and I was relieved.

We’ve been encouraging him to take some steps at home but he’s been hesitant. I wasn’t worried. Confidence to walk comes at different times.

Then today while chatting with his teacher as we picked him up, she casually mentioned that Ennis has been taking steps: “The most has been like five before he fell down.”

I should have asked them to lie to me about milestones.


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