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DC Food 2013

Homemade pop tarts from Ted's Bulletin. These were so good I bought a bunch back to Mississippi with me. So sad they're gone.

With the invention of Instagram, I’m pretty certain most of the world became annoyed with people posting photos of their dinners, but we had some wonderful food (homemade and out and about) in D.C. and I couldn’t resist. Luckily having a baby cut into overindulging in all photography especially food photography, so here’s only a small sampling of what we ate during our last trip.

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Puzzling out the American Indian museum

Though Ennis isn’t quite ready to put together a puzzle, he enjoyed taking this one apart at the National Museum of the American Indian. I had heard many people say the exhibits at this museum was underwhelming, but the cafeteria was amazing, so I brought Ennis and I there to eat. The choice was overwhelming. I lapped the cafeteria at least five times trying to decide, and my lunch was quite good and they charged accordingly. After we ate, we went to explore a little and found this neat children’s room, which is where we found this puzzle.

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Sweet baby sleep

Though it would have been a very different trip had I left Ennis at home when I went to spend a week in D.C. with Joy before she departed for a Peace Corps assignment in Zambia, I’m glad I brought him.

At almost a year old, he was a delight to travel with. He slept the whole flight there and most of the flight back. Actually he slept a lot of the trip.

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wizards game stub hub review

During our recent visit to D.C., Sheena mentioned wanting to see an NBA game. With the chilly weather and our great location about 5 blocks from the Verizon Center, catching a game kept us inside and warm. Plus cheap, thanks to StubHub. After sorting seats by price, we found some great $11 tickets that we easily printed. Even with the $5 service fee and $4.95 delivery fee, the four of us only paid $13.49 a piece, a great price for a fun evening out.

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D.C. highlights in photos

Yep, that’s the White House, and unlike my first trip to D.C. we actually toured it this time. Though no cameras were allowed on that tour, I did get several photos of us visiting the monuments, memorials, and important buildings before we went home.

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dogs at the national zoo

If you let Ennis tell you, he’d say the National Zoo in D.C. was filled with dogs.

That’s the benefit of a 4 word vocabulary, all animals become dogs.

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