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The last dandelion

the last one

As the winter brown turned to clover and calf-high weeds across our front yard, we welcomed spring. Though late April, it seems that green onions and dandelions only arrived just a few weeks ago.

I’ve been chasing after Ennis as he collected dandelions. Waving his arms, he drug many dandelions across the ground, his shirt, his face, and my face as I showed him how to puff up his cheeks to blow.

Today, Ennis picked his last dandelion of the spring. The mower has evened our weeds into a lawn once more.

If we’re here next spring, after all of Ennis’ work, we are sure to have a bumper crop of dandelions.

A year after maternity leave ends

A year ago I was about to return to work after a too short 12-week maternity leave. Then he was a tiny little thing still napping most of the day. Though I didn’t cry when I left him and though I didn’t turn in my notice and turn back to pick him up, my heart did break.

I thought with time the separation would grow easier, that I’d become accustomed, that it’d be routine and normal, but no. Leaving him has continued to feel wrong each and every day.

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Raising a chicken lover

Ennis says several words now, my favorite being “chicken.”

He likes to go to the back door and say, “bye” and then “chicken.”

How could I resist such a request?

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