No, car, I’m not stealing you!

Preparing Ennis to one day deal with his own unreliable car.

Despite its age and quirks, my car has an amazing amount of self esteem.

Monday morning, it refused to crank because it thought I was stealing it.

During the last decade, I’ve racked up over 160k miles and a fair amount of repairs to go with them. There’s a standing list of things not worth the cost to fix including the broken theft system.

Most days the red theft system light just flashes on and off, but every now and again, like this morning, it actually locks the car down.

Whenever this happens, the car cannot be cranked for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the theft system can be fooled if you disconnect the car battery and reconnect it, but the last few times we tried this, it didn’t work.

Rather than be any later than we already were, I grabbed our things and changed to our even less reliable car to drop off Ennis before returning home and getting my car to start.

As I drove to work late in my car, I braced myself for other Monday fun to come.

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