Archive: Jun 2013

a reason to smile

What could make Ennis smile so? His chickens of course!

Warm weather arrived here months ago, about when I took these photos. We’ve been busy swimming, traveling, and avoiding the mosquitoes as much as we can.

Despite getting bitten on my toe and arm while I watered my container garden tonight, summer plans are progressing, some of them even as planned.



Part of the 15 percent

Our family was featured on the We Are the 15 Percent site this week!

Using the above photo taken by our friend Adam, I submitted us to be part of a crowd sourced photo project to give faces to the multiracial American family. We are not just a gimmick used by Cheerios to set off miscegenation hate. We are actual families. I have loved looking at the site every day to see families that look like mine.

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