5 reasons to support this small Mississippi Farm

Beaverdam Farms started just 3 years ago when two young Mississippians decided to provide pasture raised animals to small communities. They had no idea if they would find customers, but with no sustainably raised options around, they saw a need and filled it.

Now, due to regulations, they need to build a larger processing facility or else stop their operation. They’ve tried without luck to get a loan and have turned to a kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000. I’ve contributed and would love to see them funded. Here’s why:

1. Keep young people who are investing in the state in the state.

Everyone knows about the brain drain throughout the south. Mississippi has it bad. Bright, enterprising young people keep leaving and making other places better. Ali and Dustin want to make Mississippi a better place and bring the food options available elsewhere here. They are training interns and inspiring a new generation of farms. This is more than just about one farm. They are working to change the farming culture for younger generations.

2. Keep money in the state.

Before Beaverdam pick ups, I’d drive to Alabama and Georgia or buy meat not raised or processed here, so when I found there was a local business starting that was doing in-town pick ups, I squealed. The people interested in these products are going to buy them. They can spend their money in Mississippi or they can travel outside of Mississippi. Buying a chicken from Beaverdam is putting money back into a state that very much needs it.

3. They care for the land.

Beyond avoiding unnecessarily drugs, they are allowing animals to participate in a rotational pasture system that enriches the land with manure which reduces the need to use artificial fertilizers which cuts down on agricultural run off that pollutes waterways. Their work with the pigs for restoring overgrown, badly managed property is amazing. They are putting their agriculture and health degrees from Mississippi State University to practice.

4. They are practicing a sustainable alternative to factory farming.

Factory farms have become the standard, but they didn’t used to be. They are working on a model that allows the animals to be raised outdoors with a healthier diet but also keeps the farmer afloat. They are not leashed to a mega corporation so they aren’t forced to cut corners in the ways that result in recalls and unethical migrant labor abuses. They answer to their customers who they know personally. They keep an open door policy, work with the state officials, and keep up with national small farm practices. They take orders every other week for different locations across the state and then deliver fresh, quality produce and meat from not only their farm but also other small farms across the state, so that I can get dairy from south Mississippi. They are working to create a sustainable small farm network across the state.

5. They have good rewards for contributors.

I love the t-shirts personally, but there are stickers, classes, dinners, and other rewards for helping them meet their goal. The rewards start at $15, but even just a $1 would make a difference.

Don’t have a dollar but want to help? Share the kickstarter link:¬†https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1682257709/growing-the-farm-feeding-mississippi


They need all the shares on facebook, twitter, g+ and through e-mail that they can get. Liking posts on facebook also is big help. The more something is liked, the more times facebook puts the item into other people’s feeds. Without likes, the shares aren’t seen very much, so every time you see a link to the kickstarter, be sure to like it. I’d ¬†appreciate it as I want to keep having Beaverdam around to feed my family, so please help. Contribute, share, and like. Help this small farm survive.

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