Things that suck (and rock) while running

With my 500 mile running goal this year, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to myself about the things that suck and the things that rock about running, so of course I’ve made a list or two.

Things that suck:  

1. Trying to hold my breath while passing smokers
2. Dog crap on the sidewalk
3. No sidewalks or construction fences taking over the sidewalk
4. Forgetting a visor on a sunny, sweaty day
5. People walking and talking on cell phones who don’t hear me coming and seem to move in every direction I want to pass them in
6. The second I think the dog I’m passing is going to bite me
7. Cat calls
8. Full sun + high humidity + no breeze
9. Broken and unkempt sidewalks – all the pine needles, acorns, and other ankle twisting obstacles. serious there are places in town I run in the road because it’s safer than the provided sidewalk.
10. Hitting traffic at every intersection

Things that are awesome while running

1. Sidewalks – running in the road is scary
2. Nods from other runners
3. A cool breeze on a warm day
4. Bright sun on a chilly day
5. Cresting the last hill
6. Runner’s high
7. Hitting a new distance
8. Seeing a new place I want to visit
9. Sweating for a reason other than it’s just hot
10. Realizing I’m faster than I was before

As I near 300 miles, those are my top ones. Any you’d add to the list?


  1. Andrea

    For me, I like:
    1. Not getting winded while running for the bus.
    2. Signing up for running events and collecting that race bling.
    3. Feeling better even when I’m not running.

  2. Agatha

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