Zing goes Zebra

I keep meaning to bring a stack of books from my childhood shelves back here for my 4yo, but in the chaos of trying to get on the road, I’ve forgotten them three times.

This last time, I got them downstairs near the door, only to have the 4yo cart them off to the kitchen table while we were loading the car, and I forgot the again.

So tonight while Skyping with my parents, I suggested my mom read a book from the stack. She chose Zip Goes Zebra, a Sweet Pickles book my brother got through Weekly Reader. It’s is my new favorite.

Basically, Zebra is upsetting everyone in town because he does things like eat his dinner under the table and enter his house through his window instead of his door. Some people in the town confront him on his weird and inappropriate behavior, and then well, Zebra tells them to worry about themselves.

“So, goodbye!” Oh, I cackled.

The story goes on, and the people decide to be as weird as possible to show Zebra how weird he’s being, but being the boss he is, he’s completely unbothered. I never knew my spirit animal was a zebra, but I do look good in stripes.

Lest, we forget, unless someone is asking for help on how to govern their lives, we just need to listen to Zebra and this sage:

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