My kid said 2yo edition

me: Come on. It’s time to go to the store.

2yo: No. The store closed.


Overheard 2yo talking to our dog Lillie: “It’s okay, Lillie. It will be fun and safe.”


After I announced he was cut off from mango for the rest of the day after he had two pieces, he brought me his dump trunk.

2yo: “The dump truck is hungry.”
Me: Oh, what does he want?
2yo: He’s hungry and thirsty. He wants water and sugar mango.

Sure, he does buddy. No, I did not give the dump truck (2yo) another piece!

Me: Mommy needs to go upstairs and clean.
2yo: Ok, I will go clean the raisins up.

So yeah “raisins”…I get him to help me vacuum up stray rabbit pellets. I guess they look like raisins! I hope he’s never tasted one to figure out they aren’t.

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