My kid said 4 year old edition (part 1)

4yo: Is a ‘pagina’ like a penis?


4yo: Mommy, I’m going to clean up my toys in a different order.

Me: Oh?

4yo: Yes, a different order. (Goes and moves a few toys around from one spot on the floor to another.) OK, mommy, can I watch TV now?

Me: Not until they’re where they belong.

4yo: But I put them in a different order! The new order is on the floor!


4yo: Mom, can I have that?

Me: (pointing at myself) Mommy

4yo: (points at me) Mom (points at himself) me


He’s been trying his hand at knock knock jokes.

4yo: Knock, knock, come in! Interesting pig. Moo.


4yo: Sir, what would you like?

Me: Um, how about a banana split?

4yo: We don’t have that.

Me: What do you have?

4yo: Nothing. This is a playground.


Bonus D says:

Me: I’m thinking of listening to podcasts while I run, though I like situational awareness.

D: Situational Awareness?

Me: Yeah you know being able to hear things going on around me and not zoning out too much.

D: Oh, ok. I wasn’t sure if you were talking about some podcast called Situational Awareness–don’t look at me like that, you know that’s something that NPR would name a show.

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