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Dog water

When Ennis smiles in his sleep, I’m fairly certain he’s dreaming about splashing in the dogs’ water bowl.

Ever since he discovered it weeks ago, he’s been trying to get back to the simple joy of making a grand mess in the kitchen.Sometimes he’ll be happily playing with a toy in the living room and suddenly remember the existence of the dogs’ water and he makes a break for it.

If you hear a yell of the phrase, “Dog water!” in our house it means “quick, someone grab the baby before he’s soaked in dog water.”

Ennis is interested in more than their water. Since the beginning he’s been watching them, and now he and the girls are slowly growing closer. Lillie allowed him to full neck hug her this week.  Mandy still has some more coming around to do, but earlier today I got this moment after a diaper change.

pat pat soft soft

Won’t belong before I catch all three of them napping together.

Mandy’s feelings

Each day Ennis is more coordinated and mobile. Each day Mandy looks more tired.

A typical Saturday in the South

Kids change everything. For example, where in past years D and me would go over to Sheena’s to watch MSU football. Now, D, me, and Ennis go over to Sheena’s to watch MSU football.

Go Bulldogs!

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the wonder of independent play

You’d think in those times that Ennis will play happily by himself I’d be folding laundry, cleaning, reading, doing anything for myself with my briefly free hands. However when I hear him jabber and jingle his toys, I can’t help but watch in wonder:

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Mandy and Lillie go to Disney World

Ok, so it wasn’t Disney World, but it may as well been the way they acted.

I do not think there is a place my dogs enjoy being more than at my parents’ house.

A place where the words “bad dog” and “no” don’t seem to really exist, and dreams of endless treats and extra large meals really do come true.

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Oh Lillie

We ended up going for a night walk last night with the girls and our friend DK. We had been walking maybe an hour or so when Lillie started to have one of her seizures. She walked really slow and started trembling. These are her seizures. She’s aware. She wants us. She shakes and stretches out her legs. In terms of seizures they’re pretty mild.

D had to carry her all the way back to the car. So we went home and she calmed down and was moving around. Then she had another one which has never happened before. She has only ever had just one. So then she calmed down and we were in the bed asleep and she had another one. I called the vet school who said we should bring her in and they’d watch her and sedate her, which I didn’t like at all. Lillie has some issues emotionally and being a strange place all drugged up and away from us would be very stressful for her, and I didn’t want that to cause another seizure, so I called T, our friend who is finishing up her Vet degree, and she happened to be on duty at the vet school last night. T told us to bring her in, and she’d take care of her. It’s good to have friends, especially friends in vet school. So we brought her in because Lillie knows T, and T promised me that if they kept her they wouldn’t put her in a crate (Lillie does not take tight quarters well) but instead would baby gate her off in the main office where they hang out, and she’d watch her if they decided she needed to stay overnight.

Well they evaluated her and told us the same thing we had been told before after the first seizure. Seizures happen for a number of reasons. As long as it’s not happening every month, it’s manageable. All the things to figure out why they happen would be invasive and expensive, and the truth is most of the time they never figure it out anyway. They just end up eliminating things that could be causing it and the treatment is usually the exact same. They gave us some medicine so when it happens again, we can give it to her and stop the seizure in 30 seconds and prevent more from happening. If they start being really frequent, we should come back because there is everyday medicine she can take to prevent them, but as we were told before those side effects would be worse than her brief shaking episodes and are more for dogs with bad seizures all the time.

We got in the bed really late. Lillie has had no more seizures. Our exciting life continues on.

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