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10 NOLA stops for families

With its Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street reputation, New Orleans may not seem like the best place to take a family trip, but there’s plenty that’s perfect for little ones.

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how we visist

If we ever come stay with you, it is highly likely that we will cook you dinner.

We will also bring our adorable baby.

This is how we visit:

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for lovers of cider, mead, and wine

Ennis and Donna playing outside at Oliver Winery.

I love cider. Spiced cider. Hard cider. It’s all apple goodness to me.

I was thrilled to visit Oliver Winery where in addition to wine and mead, they have a robust cider collection all up for sampling on a lovely estate for a nominal sampling fee.

For a weekday, they were surprisingly busy, but the hostesses were pleasant and the waits weren’t too long between samples.

We ended up buying a bottle of a soft red made with concord grapes that reminded me of a classy Mogen David, several bottles of cider, and a couple of bottles of mango mead.

As we dwindle our supply, I’m only sad we didn’t buy more.

If you’re ever in Bloomington, I highly recommend stopping by. I wish we had been able to go on a weekend and tour the vineyard, but the store with tasting was nice on its own as I hope the photos show.

Photos from our visit!

are my baby’s firsts really his seconds or thirds?

First solid food: a ripe avocado

Real talk: I guess I thought I’d eventually get used to dropping Ennis off at daycare, but now after four months, I just don’t think I can get used to my heart breaking, even if it happens every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7:55.

So far, I haven’t cried and neither has he as we parted, but instead of getting easier with time, as he gets older, I find myself lamenting all the things I miss and will continue to miss like first steps and words. I wonder if the first time we noted things like his sitting up were really the first time or just the first time we saw it.

Clearly I still struggle with our decision for using childcare. My working is a worthy a trade off for not struggling to stay out of any sort of debt while D completes his PhD. Though I often have to remind myself  that maybe my easy baby is partially so easy because I’m not short-tempered and worn-down from financial stressors and that my job affords us the resources and lifestyle to provide a calm stable environment. And this, perhaps, is worth missing some firsts.

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