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(Dry) Ice Ice Baby!

My PhD student husband’s been busy ordering and running new experiments in the lab which means he brought home some dry ice the other night for us to play with! Continue Reading »

homemade valentine’s day card 2013

While not pie on this pi day, I hope you enjoy this sweet Valentine’s Day card I made and sent out this year. I couldn’t share the e-version until after Joy received hers in Zambia which took a month!

I loved making this card using the good ole Adobe Creative Suite, my camera, and my color laser printer that once again justified its purchase. I borrowed the mustache pun from over here after I finally stop giggling.

D.C. highlights in photos

Yep, that’s the White House, and unlike my first trip to D.C. we actually toured it this time. Though no cameras were allowed on that tour, I did get several photos of us visiting the monuments, memorials, and important buildings before we went home.

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Baby, it’s fall outside!

leaf lover

Though we went to two children’s museums, an art museum, an art gallery, two parks with playgrounds, an ice cream shop, and many other places to eat, for Ennis none had the impression of this pile of leaves.

Perhaps it was the crunch and rustle the leaves made as he reached forward and shifted his weight to his knees.

Or maybe it was how they flaked and crumbled in his hands as he passed them back and forth before closing them in his fists.

Or it could have been the reds, browns, and yellows  they painted the ground.

Whatever it was, vacation to this baby involved getting his hands on as many fallen leaves as possible.

I almost packed up a box for him to bring back, but instead of trying to hold on to our week in Indiana, I’ll be sure we experience true fall with all its golden leaf glory again.

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What I’d give to be that free and in tune with my body that I could fall out like this and feel secure.

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