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Ahhn, great music

Last Thursday, the Anh Trio stopped in Starkville. I missed their first visit but made sure not to miss them this time around. The variety of music was a nice surprise. They also played living composers who incorporated new to me uses of the instruments like putting a phone book in the piano wires or playing the cello like a guitar. My favorite song from the evening was “Yu Ryung” which means “ghost.” This article explains that the compose Metheny, “[w]hile visiting Seoul, Metheny was helped one night by a part-time driver – someone who makes a living by driving your car if you’ve had too much to drink. These proxy drivers are almost unique to Korea, emerging from the nation’s campaigns against the drink-driving culture here. Metheny was so impressed by the existence of these workers that he was compelled to write a piece of music to describe the inspiration he drew from this everyday occurrence in Korea. “The title seems to suit the piece so well as proxy drivers bear some resemblance to ghosts as they silently wander here and there in the dead of night and vanish after sending people home,” Angella said smiling, flanked by her two sisters.

They played two pieces from when they went on tour with Parsons Dance who I saw last year. I wish I could have seen them together.

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