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wizards game stub hub review

During our recent visit to D.C., Sheena mentioned wanting to see an NBA game. With the chilly weather and our great location about 5 blocks from the Verizon Center, catching a game kept us inside and warm. Plus cheap, thanks to StubHub. After sorting seats by price, we found some great $11 tickets that we easily printed. Even with the $5 service fee and $4.95 delivery fee, the four of us only paid $13.49 a piece, a great price for a fun evening out.

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one meal at a time

Having our own eggs challenges us to come up with new egg based recipes like pasta!

While this may come as a shock to some, I was not always the fresh, whole wheat, fiber loving, gardener, chickener, and runner I am today.

I used to turn my nose at greens, mac and cheese was my favorite vegetable, and I’d push rice around on my plate until my mother gave in and let me eat ice cream and cookies for dinner. At one time I was scared of sushi beyond California rolls. I’m pretty sure I said my first experience with Pad Thai tasted like a wet dog smells.  I would happily eat a McAnything, and my favorite food came in a box.

I would love to say this all ended at age 9, but my appreciation of food has been a slow and dedicated process. After working at McHell in high school, I became a huge fan of anything served out of a window. Yet as my greasy bag meals increased, I began suffering indigestion. Cue the pepto commercial: nausea, indigestion, upset stomach…

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Fooling around

D picking blackberries.

While I was in the middle of tying up fence last weekend, Sheena stopped by to bring me some blackberries she found in her neighborhood while walking her dog.

Blackberries, as I’ve previously noted, with their rich purple tongue staining goodness make me weak in the knees. I haven’t had a good harvest since childhood before all the pesticide spraying cut back on patches that used to grow wild near fences and railroads.

Living in a recently developed neighborhood surrounded by partially developed but mostly now abandoned woods, Sheena suggested we go berry gathering around her place, so last night D and I brought over a half gallon ice cream bucket, and the three of us went into the woods.

The trees were thinned enough to allow light. The grass varied from calf to armpit high on me. It was a berry lovers paradise.

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